Mini Waveform of the whole track and refresh design

Almaz shared this question 10 days ago

I would like to suggest turning on the waveform of the whole track, for convenient movement through different sections of the track. The current method seems a bit clumsy.

All DJ programs always have two waveforms (zooming and a whole track)
I'm also a little bothered by some faded design of the waveform itself. There are wonderful, beautiful waveforms at Pioneer, Denon and Traktor. Any of these waveforms will be more elegant, contrasting and beautiful to the eyes. Any updates to the waveform are welcome.

Also, when in the MIXO, the waveform is not enlarged, the grid is not visible in it, which does not look very presentable.

Personally, I like the color of the waveform in the Traktor the most. Pioneer is in second place and Denon is in Third. I understand that this is just my private perception, but the current waveform in the MIXO looks worse than any of the above.


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Thanks, we'll look into it.

MIXO team

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