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Hello, I deleted many tracks with the duplicate finder. Super tool. I work with Traktor Pro 3.1.1, I once (20 years ago) started to organize my music by folder structure in windows. By now I use playlists but notice that I had a lot of tracks duplicated on my ssd.
De-duplication worked well. I only notice now that when I do an analysis in traktor and then a relocate that I still miss (600) tracks.

My question is, MIXO deleted them but they are not in my windows recycle garbage can. That could have been super hadig though. I can't find them anymore, is that right?

I have a backup but that is rete a lot of work with 44k tracks. Is there any way I can find the deleted tracks in MIXO? Maybe in the future a possibility to assign a folder where the deleted tracks go.

Further super tool hear.

Love.Pece. Beats from the Netherlands

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Hi Beats,

If you choose "Also Delete Track from hard drive" when deleting tracks in MIXO, they are completely deleted.

In the future, we could certainly add a feature to move them to the recycle bin, or perhaps to a deleted folder. Great idea!

Thanks for the feedback :)


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