Discrepancies between Device Library and Device Library Plus

DJ Blu shared this question 6 months ago


When I export to my USB the two libraries for some reason don't match. The DL doesn't have all the information but the DL+ does. Might just be a weird glitch in Rekordbox, but maybe it's on your end too. Also, when I remove songs from Serato/hard drive that I previously synced with Mixo what is the best way to avoid re-adding it. Sometimes it shows up again.

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Hi there,

Device Library Plus is a new format for USB only, as far as I'm aware. MIXO currently does not export to Rekordbox USB format, so this doesn't have any affect on us yet.

Regarding removal of tracks in other software, nothing is deleted from MIXO, only playlists tracks are updated when you re-import.

The idea is that MIXO becomes the library manager, eg source of truth. However, we have a new feature coming soon where you can optionally delete tracks in your MIXO library that do not exist in the import (will be in Advanced Import Options). That might be useful!

I'll let you know when that's live.


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