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I've exported my library to DJXML to make some changes to it with a python script (Searching in a specific folder where I've sorted my music for duplicates between playlists and automatically remove from every playlist where the track should not be).

I use the python package for xml (import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET) to write the xml back to a file, however when I import the file, every playlist has 0 Songs in them.

This is caused by the formatting of the package and also vscode formats the xml in default like that:

<PlaylistTrack Id="1815" />
However, MIXO just imports it correctly when formatted this way:

<PlaylistTrack Id="1815"/>
(Note the Space before the closing tag)

It's just a small bug and most people won't ever mess with the xml the way I do, but this would help me a lot.
Note that I'm currently using the older version 1.25.0

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Hi there,

I can't comment on v1.25 but MIXO will import the playlist track with or without the space in the current version.

However, I have spotted that if the first track in the Library section (Id="0") exists in playlists, the playlist track is not exported! This is now fixed for the next release.

Other than that everything seems fine.



Okay thanks for the quick reply, then I just need to upgrade

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