Idea to fix a missing thing in Rekordbox

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Rekordbox provides a feature to upload recordings to Mixcloud.
But there is an limitation, which Pioneer is not able, say: not willing to overcome.
If you use and DDJ, RB consider this as internal mixer and provides you with accurate enough list of tracks which was played in this recording, including time stamps, which can be uploaded then, to complement the recorded set on mixcloud.
When you use a DJM Mixer or an XDJ standalone mixer, the mixer is considered as external and RB don`t provide a list of played tracks anymore, which was played in the recording.
So I had to enter all tracks manually at mixlcloud, I don`t care for timestamps.
In the RB History I find all tracks I played (it might be not completely accurate, because when I load tracks, but not playing them, so even unplayed tracks would be there, but when MIXO could create a cue file from this, even not completly accurate, I could just correct the errors quickly and I would have at least a list of the tracks which was played in the correct order.
As I said, the time stampds would be nice to have, but are not critical, but to have a cue list which tracks was played, that would be insanely helpful!

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Thanks for the idea!

Just to clarify - do you mean it would be good to have a "Recently Played" section, similar to "Recently Added".

And to further that, add a new column showing the timestamp of when it was last played in MIXO, so you can sort the list?

Have I understood this correctly?



Yeah recently played or like the history for a specific day.
Not sure if RB also stores more details like last payed, date, hour, minute, RB is not showing these details.
But that would be cool if this would be possible thru Mixo!
Last played would be great!


No I don't think Rekordbox exports that info but we can certainly look at adding it in MIXO.

Thanks for clarifying!


I am loking forward to it.
Rekorbox missing a lot of things and seeing Mixo is helping here with them, makes the money really worth to invest!


Important would be, to be able to create a cue file for recording so on mixcloud the tracklist appears when uploaded.

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