Help needed please

s.sergides shared this question 5 months ago

I have uploaded playlists from my colleagues laptop who uses Traktor into MIXO so i can pull out the music i require as i had lost most of my music due to a laptop crash.

The songs show in MIXO but i believe i have to download these on my laptop which i am doing from Dropbox as i type this message.

How do i then match the files with MIXO

Hope this makes sense

Would appreciate your assistance

Many Thanks

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Hi there,

If you've imported and let MIXO upload the files to Dropbox, all you need to do is load MIXO on your other device and wait for it to sync.

You can then stream your tracks from the cloud, which is a bit rubbish, or download them so they load quickly and can be exported to DJ software.

To do this, use the download toggle on individual playlists (right-click the playlist in the side bar) or Download All in Settings/Cloud.



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