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DJJerryMcGee shared this question 9 months ago

Good Afternoon,

Started an import from Serato last tuesday (1 week ago today) 75,581 tracks total. still at only 61% as of today. is this normal?

it started as saying 84 hours ETA which hasn't changed much over the week, when I checked back on it today, it's now showing as 64 hours remaining. at 12 tracks/min but that flips to 0 tracks and time shows as Infinity/Null I guess between tracks?

I've tried this on multiple times, completly removing the software, a different computer and all. so I'm guessing it's my serato folders ? any clue best way to do this?

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Hi there,

That is an awful lot of tracks to import, however, it really shouldn't be grinding to a halt.

It's a little frustrating, I know, but I would probably start over with a Reset Local (found in Settings/Debug). This will fix the speed issues from excess data from previous imports.

Here's what I'd do:

1. Settings/Debug "Reset Local".

2. Login and go to Import Serato then turn on the toggle in Advanced Import options for "Exclude waveforms in analysis". This will massively speed things up and mitigate any issues.

3. I would also try importing fewer playlists at once. Perhaps do it in batches.

You should see a huge improvement in import speed doing this.

Let me know how it goes!


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