What is my system doing (WIN10)

CyberDJ shared this question 23 days ago

Good morning,

I need some help, because I don't know what my Mixo is doing. I started an import of newly added files (added about 100 files to existing playlists in Rekordbox and started an import into Mixo.

The new tracks appear in the playlist, so far, so good, but the "import" process gets stuck on the upload step. I also see a strange number in the left upper corner of Mixo. An arrow pointing up with the word Tracks 0/121619.

What to do next?

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Hi there,

Wow that's a lot of tracks! I can see in All Tracks that you don't have that many tracks so I'm not sure what's happened there! I've never seen this before.

I would simply click Cancel Upload and wait for it to sync, then manually upload any new tracks later. You can do that from the track list by selecting them, then right-click and Upload Tracks. You can also sort by "Uploaded" status if you've added that column.

Please let me know if the sync total is equally large or note realistic to the import.




Just an update on this - it looks like the cloud server is currently down, so sync won't work at the moment.

We've notified our provider who is investigating the issue.

I'll report back when it's working again.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Sync is fully functional again, it actually resumed only a few minutes after my last message!


Could you provide more details about your computer's specifications and the size of your music library? Such information can help in diagnosing potential performance-related issues during the import. Tel U

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