Feature Request - Ability to Search for a Song, Display Playlists with That Song

grant shared this question 2 months ago


I would like to suggest a feature that I really need -

Ability to search for a song, then display the playlists that use that song.

I often am working on new sets and I remember a song I want to add. When I am adding this song, I would love to be able to see the playlists where I have used this song before, showing me what song I mixed from and what song I mixed to... I also want to be able to see which version I played, what cues I used for that set, etc.

This is critical for a open format DJ like myself where I had a great event, often playing any number of songs and sometimes I remember what I mixed, sometimes I don't.

Serato has been hit or miss on historical data for me, sometimes misses a track or a set even, so this is not always a great resource.

Let me know if this is possible, would be a fantastic addition to Mixo.

Thank you.

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Hi Grant,

You can just about do this now, like this:

1. Search All Tracks for the song.
2. In the search results, right-click the track and click 'View/Edit Track Info'.
3. In Track info you'll see a list of playlists where this track appears.

You can then find that playlist, click onto it and search for the song again and it will show you the # position. When you clear the search you can scroll down to the position and see the tracks either side of it.

In the next release the playlists listed on the Track Info page will be clickable.

I hope this helps!



Hi Grant,

MIXO v1.21 is now live! You can now click through to playlists from Track Info.


Thanks for the feedback!


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