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It would be great to have a PLAY and EDIT button inside the playlist view when on the mobile app.

If I'm just using the app to add hot cues and adjust beat grids, I don't need the track to start playing as soon as I click on it.

If I want to set hot cues on the first beat in bulk on a playlist, then I have use the following workflow for every single track...

1) Click track from playlist view
2) Click newly visible track view next to the newly appeared play button at the bottom of the screen
3) Pause the track
4) Press the plus symbol on waveform
5) Scroll back to the beginning of the track manually

This is a very convoluted workflow.
A new EDIT button on the playlist view should jump you to the end of step 5 in one motion.
LANDSCAPE view of the edit view would be VERY welcome to make it easier to set beatgrids and hot cues.

Lastly, there is no way to jump back to the start of a track. The left button takes you to the previous track in the playlist, before taking you to the start of the currently selected track first.
The only way to do it currently is use steps 3-5 above. Pretty convoluted also!

Please consider building in these features. Would be happy to start separate IDEAS threads for each feature.

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Just following up on this - as of v1.19 you can now turn off Auto-Play on mobile via Settings/Advanced.

When Auto-Play is off tracks are loaded into the player in a paused state.

This should make things easier for you.

We're also working on a feature that loads a single track and opens the player from the 3 dots menu, ideally with the waveform in a full-zoom state.

I'll report back here if there are any updates on this!

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