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Chris Thatcher shared this question 6 months ago


I found my way to MIXO because apple-music-library-whatever would not let me delete songs from my playlist. i spent nearly 2 hours on the phone with apple support with no solution yet. I am still going to try to rectify this but i heard about MIXO and going to have a try with it. Right now I am importing my apple library via an xml file I created and i'm waiting for 5,000 tracks to transfer. Its after midnight so I probably shouldn't be doing this. What would be the best thing to do from here to make me feel like this is the way to go? I am using rekordbox and starting to use engine. I am working very hard at the moment on playlists and categorising tracks and have been relying on apple music for the last 10 years

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Hi Chris,

Welcome to MIXO! You can use MIXO as your primary music library from now on.

Any time you make changes, simply export the Rekordbox XML and load it into Rekordbox via the preferences.

If you need any help along the way just drop us an email!


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