Playlist Order is jumbled upon Rekordbox Import

6TONE shared this question 6 months ago

Hi there, I was checking out Mixo in that Lexicon has been a bit frustating with grid changes. I tried importing a playlist from RB and it went fine but the order of the tracks are all over the place. In RB, the list was made by dragging files etc, but they aren't the same in Mixo. When I exported the playlist from RB and imported just a playlist file and not the Rekordbox import screen, they came in the correct order, but there were no cues etc. Any advice on this ?


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Hi John,

Welcome to MIXO!

Playlist (m3u) files contain just file paths so you won't get any cues, unless they're saved to the tracks themselves.

The best option is importing the Rekordbox XML. However, your XML might be out-dated.

Please try this:

1. In Rekordbox, go to File -> 'Export collection in xml format'.
2. In MIXO, go to Import Rekordbox and click CHANGE FILE, then select your newly exported XML.
3. Import your playlists again - MIXO will update everything without the need to wait for analysis etc.

This should fix any issues but please let me know if not.


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