Mixo should have Beat Jump controls

Musasoyyo shared this question 11 months ago

I use beat jump a lot when preparing my tracks since I mostly dj EDM and phrasing in most of my songs is very consistent, so when I'm listening to my songs and adding hot cues and loops I rely on beat jump a lot.

I think I would really need beat jump controls in Mixo app and better transport controls so preparing tracks is more comfortable, this would add a lot of power to the app, because as it is right now It's only kind of good for organizing playlists but it does not offer a good workflow for individual track preparation.

If this is implemented and also OneDrive integration I would seriously consider getting Mixo Gold.

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Great idea - please follow this task:



Hi there,

I'm pleased to announce that MIXO v1.5 is now live with new beat jump controls!

Thanks for the feedback!


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