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Fernando Delas Carnevali shared this question 23 days ago

Dear Mixo friends:

There is nothing I'd like more than to get out of itunes.

1. I have 70,000 tracks accumulated for the past 18 yrs and I am a Club DJ using Traktor.
2. Store my itunes library on an external 4T HD that gets backed up daily onto another local HD. My Mac, including this HD gets back up to timemachine. I have hundreds of playlists.
3. I manage ALL my music in itunes and access my playlists directly from Traktor via the feature that lets you access itunes directly. I DO NOT create traktor playlists unless i play a live gig. En even then, it is only as back up. itunes is my ONLY go to source.

I imported two tracks from itunes to Mixo and so far so good but. I am not sure how to even getting to start a more serious free-of-risk-migration. Most important. would Traktor read Mixo directly like it does Itunes without having to import playlists to Traktor like I do today. I would like to "move" all my itunes tracks currently from my external HD to another one and have those being read from Mixo app (so far I love) BUT, I'd like Traktor to read directly from it as it does now from itunes.

Any advice will be appreciated.

Thank you

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Hi Fernando,

I'm glad you're enjoying MIXO!

Firstly, you can go ahead an import your full iTunes XML into MIXO. Once it's in you can continue managing your library in MIXO instead of iTunes.

In order to update Traktor, you have two options;

1. After making changes in MIXO, Export iTunes XML. In Traktor you can set your own iTunes XML path - see example attached. This will work in the same way as it does for you presently. Please note: we are working on an automated method of exporting when something changes, but for now you should export manually once you've completed your changes.

2. The alternative is to export to Traktor NML. You can For this option you can export your whole library or you can select the playlist with changes and export the playlist on it's own.

If you export the whole library you need to right-click Collection and 'Import another collection'. For a single playlist you can right-click Playlists and 'Import Playlist'.

The benefit of option 1 is your workflow is basically the same. The benefit of option 2 is NML files include cue points and loops, but I guess it's not as clean as option 1.

As for migrating your music to a new hard drive, this can be tricky. However, as long as the hard drive has exactly the same name and all the folders are exactly the same, it should be fine. If your new drive has a different name or the folder structure is changed, all programs, iTunes, Traktor and MIXO would no longer be able to find previously imported tracks. So just make sure your new drive has the same name as the old one. You can test this by copying the music over, then import a track into MIXO. Search for the track and make sure there is only one! If it's now duplicated, check the FilePath column and look for any differences.

I hope this helps!



Dear Remko

Thank you for the information. It is very valuable and clear.

Regarding the first step of Importing the full iTunes XML into MIXO, can you

a) reconfirm that this does not affect my current itunes library, so that I can continue to use in paralell, and
b) that this simply establishes a connection to the same files in the same HD, meaning, there is not additional space being taken or tracks being duplicated. In other words: If I open itunes, I continue to see my itunes playliests. If I open MIXO, i see the playlists in MIxo.

I understand that if I make changes, I'd have to re-import and replace the XML. Is this correct.

If the above is all true, can you send me instructions as to how to Import the XML from Itunes to MIxo?

Regarding the two Traktor options, I like option one, but am I reading correctly that my cue points will be lost? that is a show stopper for me. :(

Exporting NML file makes me nervous as I don't want to break anything in Traktor and it seems that is for a more savvy user.

My game plan is to go slow one step at a time and in a very safe manner.




Hi Fernando,

Yes, you can use iTunes and MIXO in parallel, but I'd recommend using MIXO as your main library to avoid having to import changes each time. Also, MIXO does not delete anything, it only updates playlists and tracks if they've changed. For example, if you delete a track/playlist in iTunes, it won't be deleted in MIXO when you re-import. It's safer this way!

MIXO does not change anything in iTunes or duplicate tracks on the local hard drive.

Regarding Traktor - if you use the iTunes integration already, there is no change. iTunes XML does not contain cue points. However, if the cues are stored in the track ID3 tags then it doesn't matter. But if you create cue points in MIXO, you should export Traktor NML to transfer them to Traktor. In this instance it would be best to export a single playlist to NML from MIXO and import it using the 'Import Playlist' option in the context menu in Traktor.

Here's a guide for importing iTunes to MIXO:

I hope this helps!



Thank you! This is very helpful and super useful.
I will try it out and definitely report back. So far you guys have been amazing. What a change already !! :)

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