ok so my my main folder is Serato do not read in Mixo

Dj Elovate shared this question 25 days ago

So my set for creat goes House( where all house is stored ) then Chill house is a sub creat in house the Early house next sub create in house. the main house create that hold all the house tracks dose not read in Mixo.

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Hi DJ E,

Is this a problem with parsing on the Import Serato page in MIXO, where you don't see the House crate?

Could you send me a screenshot of how it looks in Serato vs MIXO?

Perhaps you could send me the House crate from the Music/_Serato_/Subcrates folder.

Thanks in advance!




Here is a link to video about the subject sorry mic is a load


Hi DJ Elovate,

Ahh that makes sense now, thank you!

What you're expecting is the Serato feature where folders display all of the tracks contained within all playlists inside that folder.

This feature is Serato specific (and possibly Engine DJ) but Rekordbox, VirtualDJ, Traktor and many others don't do it that way so it's difficult to find a balance.

I guess we could look into an optional setting in Advanced that displays all nested playlist-tracks in folders. If this feature gets added I'll let you know.

Anyway, I hope this clarifies everything for you.


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