Got To Have Color for us Serato users

Dj Elovate shared this question 6 months ago

Hi Would be great to have colors in the playlist tree. Serato has no other way to rate songs. Just Idea

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Hi DJ E,

Tracks colours from Serato will be imported as of the next release, v1.5.

I'll let you know when it's live!



Hi there,

I'm pleased to announce that MIXO v1.5 is now live!

This release includes import/export Serato track colours! They're also editable and sortable.

Thanks for the feedback!



Sorry, I should have added more info.

FYI - The green dots show that the track was uploaded.

1. To enable track colours, make sure desktop and mobile are v1.5.
2. Re-analyse tracks and check the option for "Replace cues", which is where Serato saves the colour.
3. Right-click the track-list header and Reset. Then right-click again and check the box for 'Color'.
4. You should then see colour squares for any tracks with Serato colours!
5. You can edit the colour in track info, including batch-editing multiple.

See example attached with the new columns showing for Missing, Uploaded and Col.

Also attached is a mobile screenshot showing track colour lines and black dots for missing tracks.



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