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Hey guys,

so I am recently trying to do the following:

  • Have my music library in one central cloud place, in this case dropbox;
  • I turned the dropbox library to "make availible offline" so I have the dropbox library availible on my main DJ macbook, in the long turn I will switch to selective crate downloads to save disk space
  • Have dropbox as a reference to both rekordbox and serato
  • Import new songs and downloads via drag into MIXO
  • Edit and update ID3 Tags with Mixed In Key, Apple Music and other Editing Software
  • As soon as MIXO Tag editing functionality improves, including iTunes like tag editing and batch editing, I may consider using solely MIXO but seems like we're not there yet
  • I need to handle duplicates with an external program "Gemini 2". if you can implement that kind of functionality, namely similarity scans, option to thin out your library by keeping either WAV, AIFF or MP3 versions of the same file. that would be great.

Problems I have encountered so far:

  • Crate Folder structure in MIXO is not synced to Serato properly, neglecting some of the upper and subfolders, rekordbox seems to work okay; also I noticed I had all crates duplicated, one time neatly like before and another time just with a plain create structure without subfolders

  • After moving the songs to MIXO, I deleted the local music folder thinking "I have my music in the cloud now, what do I need a local music folder for?"; Matter of fact after doing that many tracks in the playlist greyed out and were not playable so they pulled their reference point from the local disk instead of the dropbox drive, this may be a bug that needs to be fixed becuse it confused the *** out of me

  • When I try to selectively pull crates and right-click the crate in MIXO, kind of nothing happens, no visible download action

I do not want my whole music library to be on my local computer if its not required because that makes my library much easier to manage and also makes me independent of what system I am running from. I wished for MIXO to be much more plug and play, but it probably will get to that state. Feel free to reach out if you have similar issues or have a functioning workflow like that in place.

All best

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Hi there,

Thanks for your detailed workflow and ideas for improvements.

We're working on a batch editing feature where you can select multiple tracks and update the metadata for all at once. That should be live soon.

We're also looking into better duplicate handling, rather than just using the filePath which is how it works at present. This is likely to be an advanced tool that you can run at your own leisure.

You mentioned the crate order/structure is not always accurate when exporting to Serato so we'll gladly investigate this. Although, I'm not quite sure what you mean in your last point when you selectively import crates? If the crate contains tracks, MXO will add the playlist and start analysing those tracks when you click Import. Perhaps you can send me an email expanding on the issue you're seeing so we can discuss it in more detail?

To clarify the local/cloud tracks confusion; MIXO knows where you imported the track from. When you play a track it will always look for the local track if you're on the device where it was imported. On other devices, it will look for a downloaded track, otherwise it will attempt to play from the cloud.

Streaming is slow and clunky vs playing from a local file path, so deleting your local tracks is not recommended.

However, we have a new feature that is almost ready to go live. This feature skips upload and adjusts the logic to always look for local paths on any desktop device. This is designed for users who store all their music on external hard drives and means they can simply plug and play on any desktop device! MIXO keeps the libraries synced but all the tracks remain on the external drive without the need to upload/download etc. It's really cool. Perhaps this feature might be useful?

Anyway, I hope this info helps. Really appreciate the feedback, keep it coming!

Please do send me an email to chat further about any questions/issues you have.



Hi there,

I'm pleased to announce that MIXO v1.5 is now live!

This release includes several new features and improvements suggested in your last email:

- Batch track editing on desktop and mobile (up to 500 tracks at once).
- Import/export Serato crate order.
- External Hard Drive Sync!

Please feel free to let me know your feedback.



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