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Luli shared this question 14 months ago

I realise the post title was different.. this is the green dot issue of tracks not uploading and therefor not available on my other Mac or iPhone. I am unable to select all tracks without the green dot and try again. So I suppose that my tracks even though I see them in the list are not actually there at all.. if they do not play.. which is about 80% of my library then they are not actually there? is that the case?

without deleting the entire library and starting again (not the fist time as you know) how can I get my unuploaded tracks up and playable by batch and not selecting each one?

Perhaps you can make an 'show tracks not uploaded' so I can try you batch upload them?

Thanks Remko.


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Hi Luli,

I'm not sure what's happened with your uploads for so many to be missing but most likely a drop in connection during the upload.

If you really only want/need a few specific playlists, my advice is to select all tracks inside a playlist and right-click, then Upload Tracks. MIXO won't duplicate them, it will just upload missing tracks.

You could also do this for All Tracks (select them all using the top checkbox) but bear in mind it will take longer to build the upload queue and upload them all.

Let me know how you get on and if you need any further help.

Good luck!



Hi Remko. It took forever.. I am deleting the entire library and starting again.... again! Also Its very very slow to load tracks. I now have fibre optic internet but it's made no difference. It's still not a viable option for me at present. Having to keep track of what's there in all the different playlists is too messy and complicated. I add to playlists all the time. I can go through each playlist and add what's missing. I have too many. If there was an atomic sync then this will be. a different story. Until then, it's too time consuming to keep up to date.


Hi Luli,

If you use a large external drive/USB for storing your music, there is a new feature which you might really benefit from called "External Hard Drive Sync". You can use this instead of uploading to your cloud storage.

Here's how it works:

Firstly, update to the latest version of MIXO (currently v1.5).


1. Turn on 'External Hard Drive Sync' (Settings/Advanced).

2. Connect your cloud storage to enable sync.

3. Plug-in your external drive & import your music.

4. Wait for Artwork Upload and Sync to complete.

(Track Upload is skipped when this settings in on, so it's very fast)


1. Turn on 'External Hard Drive Sync'.

2. Plug-in your external drive & wait for MIXO to sync.

Both computers will now be synced!

Simply plug your external drive into either one to play or export your music.


- This is designed for desktop to desktop only.

- Mobile streaming will not be possible.

- Must use same platform, eg Mac to Mac.

Let me know if that's any good to you!


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