Track & Remixer not loaded in Mixo

jack shared this question 7 days ago

Not a huge concern as it's in the mp3s themselves, but thought I'd mention neither Track # nor Remixer id3 data is correctly displayed in Mixo columns. They show blank when there's actual data in the mp3s.

Also curious how to scroll across to the right when adding several columns. Can't seem to see a way to do this. Again not huge concerns, just thought I'd mention.

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Hey Jack!

I'm seeing both Track# and Remixer - see attached. I used the 'kid3' app on the mac to edit/add these.

Could you send me your track? Perhaps it's something to do with the ID3 container version.



Hey Remko,

Not sure what's going on, attaching a couple of very simple test files.

From some testing.

a) If I drag the tracks into a MIXO playlist, it performs analysis and results in showing Track # incorrect value, Remixer & Label fields correctly.

b) If I import via a Traktor playlist (with or without running analyse option), the fields Track, Remixer & Label are empty. If I run manual re-analyse on the tracks, Remixer & Label come in. Track # never refreshng.

Attaching super simple test files. I've added ID3 in Helium, not sure about how kid3 would do it. Could do directly in Traktor to give more data, but in short it's a bit buggy already.


didn't attach the files


Hi Jack,

Great detective work! It looks like label was fine but Remixer and Track# were not importing from the NML, so I've fixed that for the next release.

In regards to the Track Number, you have 2 different numbers saved in the ID3 tag (in ID3v1.1 and ID3v2.3), so I've improved the logic to default to the ID3v2.3 (or ID3v2.4) tags.

I also noticed when importing an NML with only 1 Smartlist exported from Traktor (ref my previous message), it was not parsing. That's also fixed for the next release.

As always, thanks for your feedback! Much appreciated.


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