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I have many missing tracks. How can I order them all together so I can delete them and try to re import them.

I have imported some from my iTunes playlists. even though all tracks are there in the iTunes playlist. Miso has not imported them all. I need to add each missing track.

Also regarding itunes. If I upload the entire xml file. Does it keep it up to date? is it synced? how do I need to add all my new downloads each time?

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Hi there,

Do you mean the tracks were imported during the saving stage after importing your iTunes XML, but after analysis the tracks show grey because they could not be found?

If they are not in MIXO at all it means they were not found in the XML. If they are grey after analysis, it means they are either missing or there is a mismatch with the filePath.

If it's the latter, I suggest checking the 'FilePath' column in MIXO and let me know if you can spot what's gone wrong.

FYI - there is no automatic sync feature as such, however, if you make changes in iTunes youmsimply need to re-import your XML. MIXO will then update existing playlists to match the XML and only new tracks will be analysed. You shouldn't need to do anything else.

I hope this helps! Let me know about the filePaths, or if you have missing tracks altogether please send me your XML so I can investigate.

Thanks in advance!



I'm pleased to announce MIXO v1.4 is now live with new columns for Missing and Uploaded, to make it easier to sort, select and remove/upload your tracks.

To see these new columns, you'll need to right-click and Reset the track-list header.




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