The ideal workflow Mixed in Key - iTunes - Recordbox or Traktor - MIXO mobile

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I have recently changed from using a PC to a Mac. My workflow in Windows (Analyse tracks with Mixed in Key - Store them in iTunes, make the playlists there - Use iTunes' playlists in both Rekordbox and Traktor) used to work perfectly. I want to replicate that by adding the feature of MIXO mobile so that I can make changes in my playlists on the go.

I imported my iTunes library from my PC to MIXO, there I could see all the metadata such as comments and ratings. I imported my iTunes library to Apple Music on my mac and can see all the playlists and metadata except the rating. When I try to import playlists from MIXO to my iTunes so that I can see the changes I made in MIXO mobile, it duplicated my playlists, even though they are named the same (screenshot attached).

Do you think I can use Apple Music (former iTunes) as my main library (after analyzing tracks in Mixed in Key) so that I can use its playlists in Traktor and Rekordbox and change and listen to these playlists on my phone using MIXO? In addition to this, is there any way to update automatically the playlists when changes are made on Mac or Mobile?

I need to know this to make sure MIXO Gold is the solution to the perfect workflow.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Paul,

The problem with iTunes/Apple Music is it doesn't handle duplicates, so if you re-import an XML it will duplicate the playlists. I have the same issue on my Mac using the Music app from Apple.

MIXO, however, asks if you would like to replace existing playlists, which is why it's so popular for DJ music management.

Any changes you make on mobile will sync to your desktop app next time you open it, then you can export to Rekordbox or Traktor. There is also the auto-export feature which does this automatically every 5-30 minutes while MIXO is running. Once you have exported your XML/NML file, you simply refresh/import it in the DJ software to see your changes.

I don't know why ratings were missing in Apple Music but if they exist in the XML they will be imported/exported with MIXO.

Please do let me know your feedback and I hope this helps!

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