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Andrew shared this question 31 days ago

I'm new to Mixo and have a strange problem. I have synced my collection on a laptop Windows machine with my telephone and everything seems to be in order.

But when I try to sync my collection to my stationary Mac Mini (M1) I suddenly have 2 of everything. Thus I have 629 tracks in my performance laptop and 1258 in the Mixo interface on the Mac.

I am syncing through a Google Drive account. What should I do?

I very enthusiastic about your product as it solves the main problem I was looking to cure which was to be able to listen to my tracks from the laptop on my phone. The syncing with another computer was an added extra that I hope works without everything being duplicated.

Thanks in advance! /Andrew

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Hi Andrew,

Please try Settings/Debug "Reset Local" then login and it will re-sync your computer.

I hope this helps!


Thanks for the super quick response. The problem is now solved!

What your software makes me realise is that I can now have a more sophisticated system whereby my stationary Mac Mini becomes the base unit where I do all the prep work and the laptop becomes the delivery machine. This means that I have to make the Mini the staring point and not the peripheral it has been. /Andrew


Hi Andrew,

Thanks, we appreciate your feedback!

It's really great to see that MIXO is solving problems and creating opportunities for DJs in so many different ways.

Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.


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