When will there be support form the new M1 Mac support.

skweez shared this question 59 days ago

I want to sign up but I have a new Mac.

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Hi there,

Does MIXO run on your Mac, or does it fail to load after installation?

You could try installing Rosetta, which enables M1 Macs to run apps built for Intel Macs:

Please let me know if this works.


it worked initially. and now it says i don't have any folders of playlists when I can see them on my other Mac.

So.. not currently working on a M1 Max with Ventura.


Hi! Did you try installing Rosetta?

Please try Reset LOCAL (Settings/Debug). This will delete your local MIXO database and logout. It does not delete your music files, it just resets the MIXO database.

After login, it should download everything from the cloud again.

Let me know if this resolves your problem. Thanks!

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