Problem with VirtualDJ and Mixo 0.61

Michael White shared this question 6 months ago

Hello, I tested Mixo (v0.61), but at the moment it doesn't work for me. I use VirtualDJ and I wanted to import my database to Mixo because I then want to transfer it and/or synchronize it with Rekordbox to make USB keys for Pioneer CDJs (VirtualDJ allows you to make keys for CDJs, but you have to recreate all folders, playlists, etc... so it's almost unusable). - In short, 1st problem with Mixo during import; Mixo only sees 6000 titles out of my 29000!! - 2nd problem; I don't have any cues!! (however, in a previous test with an older version of Mixo, I had them!) Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for your feedback.

When you import from VDJ, do you do 'Import Everything' with all playlists selected? Do all your playlists show in MIXO with the correct number of playlist tracks?

Perhaps any tracks that are not in playlists weren't imported? I'll investigate that theory.

As for cues, are they all hotcues or other VDJ types, such as autocues etc? When you play a track in MIXO you can see these in the 'Other' cues tab.

When exporting to Rekordbox, only hotcues are exported.

Let me know if you can provide any further info.


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