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elijahr shared this question 12 months ago

I had accidentally deleted my local Music files. Figured I would use MIXO to re-download them, but it is not working. I follow the instructions @

This is not a new computer, but I believe it should be behaving as if it is a new computer because I have done the following:

  • "Debug -> Reset local"
  • Closed Mixo
  • Deleted the "~/Library/Application Support/MIXO" directory
  • Deleted the "~/Music/MIXO" directory
  • Re-opened MIXO and logged in
  • Observed the playlists appear after a little while
  • Tracks cannot load because the files no longer exist locally
  • Track info shows the previous path for a track even though that path no longer exists
  • I went to "General -> Sync" and toggled "Download All Music" on.
  • No indication of download progress anywhere
  • No music files appear in the ~/Music/MIXO/Music directory
  • Some artwork seems to download to ~Music/MIXO/Artwork
  • "Progress -> Download" shows "Tracks: (up to date)" and "Artworks: (up to date)"
  • "General -> Account -> Downloaded tracks" is 0
  • "General -> Account -> Local disk space" is 1159.26 GB
  • There is a file in "~/Music/MIXO/Logs" which I am attaching

I am using MIXO 0.61.0

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Hi Elijahr,

Sorry to hear that! MIXO doesn't download to the primary device where it expects to find the local track.

Your best bet is to download your music manually and then organise it in the original folder structure. You can check the original file paths using the track list headings (right-click track list headings, Reset, then select FilePath).

I hope this helps!


Hi Remko, thanks for the response.

Is there any plan for support for being able to move tracks i.e. change the file path?

Or a feature to find missing track files?


Yes, we have an idea here:

It's not part of our current priorities but you could subscribe to this task to receive updates on when the status changes.

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