Failed to import Virtua DJ database file

andy shared this question 5 months ago

I think I may have already found my answer on this one - I was going to attach the db file to this post and when I looked the file is 142MB (max file upload on this forum is 16MB) - is this likely to be the reason why it won't import? Is there any maximum database size or should this work in theory? Happy to send it via dropbox or whatever if it would be helpful.


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Hi Andy,

Wow that is one large VdJ database!

In theory it should import but it's going to take a really long time, during which it might seem like the app has locked up.

Are you trying to migrate to different DJ software? Or sync to your phone?

Either way, your best bet is to import folders containing a handful of playlists at a time, perhaps. There's just too much data to process otherwise.

Good luck!


Okay thanks for your help, I'll have a go with just a smaller set of files.


I'm pleased to announce that MIXO v0.65 is now live, with improvements to support parsing and importing large XMLs!

Any feedback is welcome! Enjoy ;)

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