Slow export from Rb6 to Traktor

doros shared this question 11 months ago

Hi to All,

I've got a problem on exporting from Rb6 to Traktor . is too Slow. there is anyone who has the same problem ? or i make somewhere a mistake ?or is it because i've got +30K songs in my library?


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Hi there,

Is it slow during the import from RB6 or during the export from Traktor?

For a large library, with lots of playlists, tracks and cues it can take a few minutes to export. How long have you been waiting?


MIXO v0,60 is now live with significant speed improvement for importing and exporting XML or NML (Traktor).

Update in-app or download the latest from the website.

Please let me know if your issue is resolved.

Thanks again for your feedback!

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