No crates exported from Rekordbox to Serato using bridge?

music shared this question 48 days ago

Hi- trying out the software and I'd liek to move from Rekordbox to Serato. I went through the guide and imported, then exported to the serato subcrate folder on my external drive... but no crate file is created even though Mixo says "export complete."

Any advice?

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Hi there,

Are your tracks also stored on the external drive?

One trick that might work for you is this:

1. Open Serato and manually add one new crate.
2. Then drag a couple of tracks from your external drive into this crate.
3. Close Serato and check your external drive - you should now see a new folder _Serato_ with a Subcrates folder inside.
4. Now export your playlists from MIXO to this new Subcrates folder on your external drive.
5. Launch Serato - your crates should now appear.

This seems to work for me on my Mac when Serato is playing up! Let me know if it works for you.

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