Problem Searching Artists in Serato

JRiNVENTOR shared this question 2 months ago


I recently had to cancel and change credit cards after a hack.

I lost access to MIXO Gold for a few days.

I believe this is when my problem began.

I can no longer search for songs by artist name within Serato.

Part of me believes that this may be a Folder Hierarchy issue.

I have mentioned in the past that I use a different way of storing my music so that it can be accessed across different computers.

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I'd like to delete this as it turns out that on the search bar in Serato, there is a small arrow in which the user can select which columns to search for the keyword...I had somehow unchecked "artist" column.

Thank you!


Hi there,

I'm glad you resolved your issue with Serato. If you have any MIXO queries please do let us know!

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