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egillmail shared this question 4 days ago

Hi there, I have Mixo running on my desktop and have uploaded lots of songs from Rekordbox to G Drive.

When I attempt to install the app on my phone I get the message in the above title.

My device is labeled on the app page as Samsung SM-G90F.

Is there any way I can make this work?

The main reason I signed up for Mixo was to access playlists on my phone.

Many thanks

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Hi there,

Please check the system requirements here:

FYI - Google no longer allows apps targeting Android 10 or below to be submitted to the Play Store.

I hope this helps!


Ah that explains it. I have looked into manually upgrading my android to 11 or 12 but I think it's beyond my capabilities sadly. I'll have to hold out for a new phone.

Many thanks

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