Waveform zoom on mobile for more precise cues

alexandresavinien shared this idea 17 days ago
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I'v seen the zoom feature in the desktop app but i can't do it in the android app.
Is there a way of zooming in the app to place my cue with precision ?

I'm new to Mixo and i find this project really fantastic.

The feature that make me test it is that i can work on my track metadata (espcially cue point) on my phone. But actually i can't place a cue point with precision so i have to manually replace it when i come back to traktor or rekordbox.

Is there a solution or is it in the roadmap ?

Thank you for reading and for developping such a tool ;).

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Hi there!

We're actually working on this now, so I've made this into an idea for you to keep track.

It's not an easy task so I don't have an ETA at the moment but watch this space!


Thank you for your quick answer.

Can't wait for that feature ;).

Have a great day

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