Playlist sidebar scroll position is lost on click

elijahr shared this question 5 months ago
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I have a playlist structure with nested folders, like this:

--Parent folder

----House subfolder

------20+ sub-subfolders

----Techno subfolder

------20+ sub-subfolders

----HipHop subfolder

------20+ sub-subfolders

Etc; there are more subfolders than that.

When I click on a playlist to view its tracks, then click on some other nested playlist in the playlist sidebar when I am done looking, the side pane scrolls up, such that the playlist I clicked on is no longer visible in the sidebar, and the tracks for the previous playlist remain in the main tracks pane. I lose my position and have to scroll down again in the sidebar to find the playlist I wanted, and click it again. It's quite annoying.

The expected behavior would be that clicking on a playlist does not change the scroll position of the side pane, and the tracks for that clicked playlist are displayed in the main tracks pane.

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I should note this doesn't happen every time - it seems to occur most when I have clicked the "check all" checkbox for the tracks.


Hey Elijahr,

That sounds annoying!

Sorry to ask but could you record a short video of this behaviour, I've tried to replicate but no luck so far and I'd like to get this fixed for you.




I was able to reproduce it by clicking around different playlists in different sub-sub-folders. Seems like it might have to do with whether the clicked playlist's parent folder is scrolled into view or not, but I'm not sure. Of note: one of my sub-sub-folders has enough playlists that it cannot fit them all in the side pane. Maybe on playlist click, it first tries to scroll the parent folder into view, and then since the playlist is no longer visible in the sidebar it does not activate the playlist?

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