Importing MIXO Track Tags to Traktor

shoto_uk shared this question 5 months ago

Hi I apologise if I'm just being stupid here, but I'm struggling to get track tagging to work.

I seem to be able to add them fine in MIXO but I'm struggling to get them into Traktor.

I followed the guide on importing my collection to Traktor but I still can't see the tags.

So I'm slightly confused at this point.

Am I right in saying that the tags should be added to the 'Comments' metadata field?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Charlton

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Hey Charlton,

It's not a stupid question at all! In fact I think it's a good idea - we have only added the tags system for use in MIXO, however I will create an idea to have these added to the comments when exporting. It will be quite a bit harder to get the tags to appear as 'tags' in other software though as they each have very different systems for this.

I've subscribed you to the idea so you'll be notified when there is an update.




Sorry for the late response, but thanks Jon.

It explains why it didn't do what I though it would haha.

For some context, my library is a mess and almost all my music is in one folder.

One option would be to organise them into folders, however I don't like the lack of flexibility.

So the option I am opting for is to make my own tags in "Comments2" of the meta data and use smartlists to organise based on those tags so any new music essentially gets automatically shifted on import.

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