Serato Crates and Sub Crates Not Imported to Rekordbox?

Dj Xtreme shared this question 5 months ago

I'm running all of my music in Serato DJ off of my external 4TB SSD and I successfully imported all crates to MIXO. When I exported the XML file and loaded into Rekordbox it only loaded like 4 crates. The music however transferred with cue points but I really need the crates. I've attached 2 pics, one is my serato library where you can see a good number of my crates and the other is Rekordbox where you can see only 4 crates. Any Idea??

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Hey Dj Xtreme,

That is odd, I'm sure you are, but when you export are you making sure to check the box for 'everything'?

Could you please send me your exported xml file and I will check it. Also, try deleting the first export you did and try exporting a second time just to see if it's the same playlists or not.



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