Feature Request: drag and drop tracks from MIXO to Traktor

Nathan Cheeseman shared this question 23 days ago

Hi Guys,

Been trying to export back into Traktor from MIXO it seems to be quite a mission to do this when you have a lot of tracks as Traktor wants to re-analyse everything and I end up losing data in the process.

As a work around it would be amazing if you could drag a track or Ctrl+A a load of tracks and drag them out of MIXO and into Traktor. I’ve seen this done with other music software so guessing it could be done (eg from Traktor to Ableton). This would mean if I’ve put a playlist together in MIXO I can then quickly make an empty playlist in Traktor and drag the files from MIXO into it.

Many Thanks,


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Hey Nathan,

You should be able to achieve this by exporting a Traktor NML from MIXO and select only the playlists that you want to export - instead of the whole library - then drag this traktor.nml file onto the Playlists section in Traktor. You'll be prompted to give it a name, it doesn't matter what you name it as you can delete it after. Your playlists and folders should appear in the playlists section.

I don't know why you can't simply do this by dragging the NML into collection, that seems to be a Traktor issue. But this way will work and you will retain all of the metadata.

What data are you losing when the reanalysis happens?




Hi Jon,

Sorry Im only just getting back to you crazy week. Awesome thanks for that it does work creating a playlist with the tracks in the right order brilliant.

Yeah it is still loosing data coming back into Traktor this way just the tracks in the playlist. They loose key, cue points and beat grid information. I can see in MIXO it has the key and cue points when I import it in there (not sure about beat grid or how I would check). Just doesn't seem to transfer this information back to Traktor. For me its not the end of the world especially for smaller playlists I can reanalyse just those tracks and re-add the cue points, just super loving how the rest of it is working really cool to create playlist whilst out and about.

Ive attached some screenshots for you.

Cheers Nathan

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