Can not read .nml file when import to Traktor

Mykola shared this question 20 days ago

I export rekordbox.xml to Mixo and after create traktor.nml. When I triy import to traktor this .nml file i got error "Can not read .nml file" see screenshot attached Also I attached existing file from rekordbox.xml, new traktor.nml and I create export from traktro pro 3 for compare how it should looks . Please help me transfer my collection with all cue points to traktor . I am Gold member

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Hey Mykola,

Thanks for sending through all the files along with the description of the issue, that really helps a lot!

I've managed to replicate with the two files you've sent me so I am in the process of trying to replicate at the moment.

Once I have located the problem, I will create an idea and get it fixed asap.

Could you make sure that Rekordbox, Traktor and MIXO are all on their latest versions and let me know.




Hi again Mykola!

We found the issue in the exported file and it came down to one particular track. Here is how it is shown in the NML file

<ENTRY TITLE="註齣鴉� �骰" ARTIST="THRILL PILL feat. Åãîð Êðèä, Morgenshtern">

If you open the nml file you exported in something like VSCode that shows line numbers, you can change the TITLE at line 29277 and it should then import.

We are looking into why the characters here are causing an issue and being exported, but I would also recommend changing the files TITLE field directly as well. You can also remove this entry to get Traktor to import if you prefer.

I have also given you a free month of MIXO:GOLD for sticking with us through this issue! So next full bill will be August 6th.

Please let me know if this has helped.



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