Traktor import ignores BeatPort Link tracks

m4rtinj0y shared this question 23 months ago

When importing a Traktor collection the process completely ignores BeatPort Link tracks.

I have a total of 6335 tracks in the Traktor collection, 423 of which are BeatPort Link tracks, but MIXO ends up importing only 5912 tracks.

Mixo version: 0.48.0

Traktor version: 3.5.2 299

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Hey M4rtinJ0y,

Currently, we cannot import Beatport LINK tracks as we don't have that integration, however tracks bought and downloaded from Beatport can be imported.




I have this same issue. I've been using beatport link wihtin traktor (S4) for years and now i'm trying to moving to SC6000 (c/o Engine DJ). Whilst I can access the Beatport link playlists on the SC6000 (albeit not via Engine DJ Desktop) the cue/loop point data is not being transferred. I had hoped Mixo would be able to bring the Cue/Loop point data across from traktor to Engine DJ but it appears not? Is there any solution to this issue or will I simply have to recreate all this data on the SC6000??

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