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james.stuart932 shared this question 19 months ago

Hi Guys,

Just trying figure out, when editing metadata inside Mixo, does it also update the ID3 tags or does it work like other DJ software where it leaves it alone and just updates an internal database. If it doesn't do this, can I enter this as a feature request please.

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Hey James,

So to be in keeping with most DJ software we likewise don't save to ID3, instead in our exports for Rekordbox, Traktor and Virtual DJ we add this to the XML or NML file.

However, we are soon adding an option for Serato exports to do this exact thing. You will be able to either export crates as they are, which is more or less just filepaths, or you can turn on ID3 saving and that information will be saved to the tracks.


I've subscribed you to the idea so you'll be notifed when there is an update.

I've also added this idea for a mode to just update the ID3 tags for tracks.


Thanks for the feedback, and if there's anything else please let me know!


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