Newbee question converting from vdj8 to traktor.

MJKeenan shared this question 2 months ago

Hi all, as the title i have almost 10 years of playlists and ratings to songs and now switching from Virtual dj 8 to Traktor on a new laptop with different filepaths..!

Do i need to copy all musicfiles with Mixo if i want all the playlists including ratings! on my new laptop and different dj-software?

I already copied the whole 260 GB music folder (quite a lot subfolders) to the new laptop using allway sync. But Traktor does'nt read m3u.

Been looking for months how to fix this, so that i don't loose hundreds of hours of labour.

Can anyone help me out please? laptops are windows 10 and 11.

Be gentle if my questions are stupid...


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Hey MJKeenan!

Presumably the problem with your file paths is because your username on the new laptop is different? Or have you placed the music in a different folder or drive?

Either way, you have 2 options:

Option 1:

1. Connect your cloud storage with sufficient space (260GB+). Google Drive is probably best.

2. "Import Everything" from the VirtualDJ import page. This includes the database.xml with all your metadata and cue points.

3. Wait for it to save, analyse, upload and sync your entire collection. This will take some time but it's worth it!

4. Then on your new computer it will sync all the data and you'll have the option to download your music so it's local.

5. Then go to Export -> Traktor and export everything.

6. Thereafter you can continue using MIXO to manage your playlists from any computer or even your mobile phone! Everything will sync together.

Importing, uploading and syncing a 260GB library may take 24 hours or more, depending on your upload speeds.

Option 2:

1. "Import everything" from the VirtualDJ Import page.

2. When it finishes saving and analysis begins, hit 'Cancel' on the Progress Overview page a few times.

3. Then reload mixo to make sure it's finished doing everything.

4. Then go to Export -> Traktor and export everything.

5. Then transfer the exported Traktor NML file to the new computer

6. Then do a find and replace in the NML to fix the filePaths.(edited)

Thanks! Let us know how you get on.


Thanks Dave,

Can i use an external hdd instead of some cloud storage? Should be the same imo..?


Hey MJKeenan,

We currently can't support an external drive for streaming in the same way as we do Cloud storage, but you can absolutely use an external as your local storage.

If you already have your music files transfered to the second computer, follow Dave's steps for option 2 and let me know how you get on and if you have any questions or get stuck.



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