Just a couple of ideas that would improve workflow fast

Rob Mellor shared this question 2 years ago

Would it be possible to add a zoom in function so I could figure the exact first beat of the song for my first cue point.

Following that up with a beat jump feature to I can jump 4/8/16/32 beats to get to the standard cue point positions faster?

I believe with them 2 features this app would be killer for any pro dj wanting a quick and fast workflow.

After that a way to upload from a tablet/phone to playlists would be epic but I know I’m asking too much at this point! :)



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Hey Rob,

Thanks for the feedback!

Whilst MIXO itself isn't a DJ platform in the same way Rekordbox or Serato is, I totally agree that anything we can do to make editing and adding cues easier is super important. So, I've created an idea for beat jumping here:


I've subscribed you to it so you'll be notified when there's an update.

In terms of Zooming on the waveform, we've recently added that feature, but we are currently in the process of improving it by adding:

  1. Multiple steps of zooming and keyboard shortcuts - added as of v0.45
  2. The beatgrid - although this may only be for tracks imported via xml or nml for the time-being
  3. Dragging the waveform instead of click and move

Is there anything else you would expect this feature to have or that would make your workflow easier?

Thanks again Rob, I look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Jon,

It would be awesome if we could tilt our phones to the side to be able to access the zoomed waveform with the cue points and beatjump feature.

I have a playlist full of tracks that are R&B, I’d like to be able to batch change to genre along with comment them the same.

The last thing that I think would help would be smart tagging. Let’s say I have a song.. Bon Jovi - Livin’ On A Prayer. Would it be possible to scrape iTunes database to add all the other info like album art, genre, release date etc for a quick tagging solution?

Moving forward you could add a social aspect to everything so the option to report back to you guys the play count and you could issue us with MIXO Top Tracks from each genre. But again I know I’m getting ahead of myself.




Hi Rob,

I'm pleased to announce that MIXO v1.5 is now live with new beat jump controls!

Thanks for the feedback!


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