Engine DJ to MIXO not working.

motherearth shared this question 2 years ago


So I have the latest Engine DJ(engine prime) and MIXO.

Running windows 10.

I created video of the issues. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHRUzUGf9_8

Also, if there is away to import all playlists at once, that would be great. https://rekord.cloud/ and Denon eXtractor Tool (DeXT) have figured out a way to do this. So it is possible.

I attached the CSV, my assumption is tables might of changed, should be an easy fix.

Thanks, I know you guys will get this done. I am sticking with MIXO.

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Looks like the CSV is empty. Should of checked that first :)


Hey motherearth,

Really appreciate the feedback and the video, and thanks for sticking with us!

I was able to replicate the issue by importing an empty playlist. Importing a non-empty one worked however. Have you been able to import with a non-empty playlist? If not please send me that CSV file and I'll take a look.

I've added an idea for this and we will aim to have this fixed soon as it should display some kind of notice to say that the file is empty and therefore cannot be imported as it does with other imports.


I've also created an idea for importing multiple CSV files as playlists, hopefully we can get to that soon.


Let me know how you get on with a non-empty playlist as I have been able to import those fine.

Thanks again,



Thank you for the reply, I unable to created a populated csv file. The problem is with engine prime itself.

Multiple playlist would be amazing.

On technical note I was looking into how the Engine stores data. They use SQLite. It would be great if you guys could parse that into a xml file. Upload a single .db file in mixo would be a awesome solution.


MIXO v1.50 is now live with a new DIRECT export to Engine DJ... along with a heap of epic new features!


This is the very first release, so please do let us know if you spot any issues or have any ideas for improvement, via team@mixo.dj

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