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dj.jakarl shared this question 18 days ago

Importing one playlist from Traktor to test and all seems to import, however the process seems to stall on Upload of artwork & tracks. I've chosen desktop, so no cloud upload necessary. However it doesn't finish the import and thinks one is still in progress.

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Looking into this further it appears it's trying to fill the playlists. I left it running for 24 hours and still they aren't all populated. I created a handful of playlists with all my collection to get the tracks loaded first into MIXO to try and help things, but the playlist population takes forever. The playlists are there (folders in different orders as per other item I raised) but getting the tracks in them seems a massive issue.


Hey dj.jakarl

These are both odd issues.

Really, the playlists should be getting populated during the parse process.

1. Are both MIXO (v0.40) and Traktor Pro 3 on the latest versions

2. Is this happening with a playlist (m3u file) or through Traktors COLLECTION.nml file?

3. How many playlists did you import on the second try and what was the smallest and largest track counts of these playlists.

I will be trying to replicate this, of course, but the information above would be very helpful.




Hi Jon,

Both Mixo v40 and latest Traktor 3.5.1277

Traktor collection nml

the whole collection is a few hundred playlists (includes weekly mix 200+) with trackcounts from tiny to over a thousand.

If the folder on import worked, I'd be able to narrow it down more.

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