Empty playlists when importing everything from rekordbox 6 xml

victor.z shared this question 20 days ago

When doing an "Import Everything" from rekordbox 6, using the xml import, all playlists brought into Mixo are empty.

The tracks appear to all be imported fine, and the playlists were created in Mixo, but none of the playlists have tracks in them. Observing the progress page, it looks like the analysis stage didn't ever start? It appears that the import process is just hanging while not making progress.

If I choose to import just a select set of playlists, then Mixo is able to import them normally.

I looked at the logs and did not see any errors there.

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Hey Victor!

I haven't been able to replicate this, so can I just make sure of the following:

- Your install of Rekordbox 6 is on the latest release

- Your install of MIXO is on the latest version (0.39)

Also, when you say Rekordbox 6 XML, was this by exporting from RB6 as XML and then importing via 'Rekordbox 5' in MIXO, or was it simply by importing via 'Rekordox 6'? The former is XML but the latter is directly from the database.



Are all the playlists completely empty or do some have a few tracks? I'm having similar in Traktor, in that the tracks imported but populating the tracks into playlists takes forever.

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