Importing Serato Crates to Virtural

Derrick shared this question 27 days ago


I am having trouble copying my crates from Serato to Virtual DJ. I followed the online instructions and the crates are imported, however, the music is not showing in the crates. I have attached a screen shot showing where it is reading/analyzing the tracks and another screen shot to show there are no files in the crates.

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Hey Derrick!

Sorry to hear you've run into this!

There could be a couple of reasons for this, but usually with Serato it relates to where the music is located.

When a crate is created and tracks are added to it, if those tracks are on different drives; 'C' and 'D' for example, Serato will actually create crates on both of those drives with the same name - only including the tracks on those drives!

So make sure to check if you are using an external drive or usb, that you are importing the crates from the right drive.

If this still doesn't work, let me know and we can try something else.



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