Adding duplicate entries of songs to queue/playlists?

Jonas shared this question 4 months ago

Would it be possible? I have several seconds of silence in an mp3 file - and I want these in playlists at multiple moments to create silence between songs - I have many playlists in Traktor setup this way. When imported to MIXO, any duplicates of these are not imported (only once vs. the multiple entries placed in desired order in the playlist), nor when creating new playlists in MIXO am I able to do

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Hi Jonas,

Do you mean that you have short mp3 files that only contain silence as a break between tracks?

One way you could do this is to copy and rename the file - as long as the 'Title' metadata stays the same as it is, that's how it will appear in MIXO, but it'll have to be a separate file and I can see how that would be a pain!

So, I've created an idea for adding the same track multiple times to a playlist and subscribed you to it.



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