Serato To Engine Prime ...No Cue Points

Dominic Carter shared this question 3 years ago

Tried importing Serato crate to mixo and then export to engine prime. Was able to get the xml file exported but I have no cue points?

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Hi Dominic,

Thanks for getting in touch!

It would be helpful if you could answer the following so we can try and replicate the issue you're seeing:

1. What version of MIXO, Engine Prime and Serato are you using?

2. If you look at the crate within Engine Prime (without involving MIXO) - do the correct cues show? - This will help us identify if it is something MIXO is doing when exporting to xml.

3. Do the correct cues show in MIXO when you import your crate?

Thanks, Dominic.


MIXO v1.50 is now live with a new DIRECT export to Engine DJ... along with a heap of epic new features!

This is the very first release, so please do let us know if you spot any issues or have any ideas for improvement, via

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