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dj.jakarl shared this question 5 months ago

So with things progressing in MIXO (beatgrids etc) I tried it on a large collection (25,000) tracks

I noticed in the Progress the Tracks counting down ~100/minute. Got most of the way and the analysis count then started. It seemed to hang after a few thousand, so restarted and it seemed to progress again (had to do this a few times). After a few hours of this it seems to have progressed through them.

Now with what seems the full collection analysed, opening MIXO takes a few minutes to resolve listing the playlists... then .... either trying to go to Support to confirm the progress or Export to attempt that.. it's just stuck

Have you tested under a large collection?

I'd test a subset of my higher folders, but need the folder selection implemented.

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We are currently working on improving the performance of MIXO with large collections as well as a specific issue caused by reloading MIXO during analysis:

We are generally testing using around 10,000 tracks, and a few playlists.

How many playlists are you testing with that's causing the lag?


There'd be a few hundred playlists. Not sure how to count them.


That's great, thanks!

I've added this issue to our roadmap:

Improving the performance of large collections is one of our main priorities right now so it's super helpful to know where the sticking points are.

Let us know any more feedback you have!


I'm not sure if it's the number of playlists or just number of tracks. I assume one massive playlist of tracks would still have the same issue analysing the tracks... at this stage, it never finishes the Analysis. There's continually ~170 to be analysed still each time I open MIXO and it never completes those.


There are a couple of issues happening here:

- You're right that the analysis issue is related to the number of tracks being imported and not the number of playlists, which is something we're working on right now.

- The slow UI with hundreds of playlists is a separate issue that we haven't seen with only importing tens of thousands of tracks on their own. We'll look at this issue as a priority along side the other large collection tasks we're looking at.

Does analysis complete if you do an import without those tracks that are getting stuck?

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