Invalid XML characters in Rekordbox export

David shared this question 5 months ago

A track has these comments:

6 - Queer-Dance, Secret-Weapon, Old-Skool // Warehouse, Krem, Monkey // Peak Hour // PAX & Rui Da Silva's highly anticipated 'Touch Me' finally lands this summer on Nothing Else Matters. Presenting the most authentic re-imagining of this timeless classic, PAX & Rui Da Silva have kept the soul and vibrancy of the original alive adding a powerful new spin on it for 2020. Huge support from Fisher, Tiesto, Dom Dolla and label boss Danny Howard himself, all who have played in their sets to insane reactions!

// Female

However, it get exported with invalid XML characters: See attached file

It might be good to validate the XML after the export is complete OR not export invalid characters, i.e. just skip them

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Hey thanks for the feedback!

Is this giving an error when you import the MIXO export into Rekordbox?

I've tested exporting with your comment on a track and I'm getting the same characters in the export, but the XML and track imported into Rekordbox without issue.

I don't see any invalid characters in either your file or the export from MIXO.

Anything in the file such as "& # 10;" will be how special characters and line breaks are written to the file.


Here's a screenshot. I have to manually fix invalid XML characters each export :(

Attached is the track details for line 35


Thanks for sending those screenshots.

Which invalid characters are you changing in the export?

Can you please send us the whole XML to check as well.

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