cue points not importing - engine prime to mixo

flowweak shared this question 3 years ago

hey, I have followed this guide( to properly import my songs from engine prime to mixo but my cue points are not showing, any ideas why?

thanks in advanced

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Engine prime only exports in a .csv format which doesn't contain cue point information, so your cue points aren't transferred from Engine Prime to MIXO.

Any cue points that you add in MIXO can be exported back to Engine Prime however.

We're always looking for ways to improve MIXO:BRIDGE so I've added this to our roadmap:

For now I'd suggest managing your music and cue points in MIXO and then exporting your library from MIXO to Engine Prime if needed.

We are looking into a bug with the Engine Prime export so you will need to use the Rekordbox format to import to Engine Prime until this is fixed:

If you've got any other feedback we'd love to hear it!


no worries thank you for letting me know


MIXO v1.50 is now live with a new DIRECT export to Engine DJ... along with a heap of epic new features!

This is the very first release, so please do let us know if you spot any issues or have any ideas for improvement, via

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