Something went wrong with connecting to cloud storage

VILLAN shared this question 5 months ago

I've had some problems trying to reconnect to my dropbox. I had it connected fine the first time however after issues with importing my Traktor collection I used the Reset Mixo. When I try to allow Mixo to sync, I get taken to the next page that says connected but a pop up comes up saying "Something went wrong". I've logged in and out of Mixo, disconnected the app from Dropbox, tried logging out of all accounts simultaneously, and then decided to try to connect to Google Drive instead which also gave me the same pop up. I also tried a complete uninstall as well.

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Yo Andrei!

Sorry to hear you've had issues.

Can you send us a screenshot of the error message you're seeing?

When you reset MIXO, we clear all your user info on our side and break the connection to your cloud, but your cloud files remain, so these could be causing an issue.

We'd recommend resetting again, making sure you're using our most recent version 0.24 (which only went live on Friday) and deleting the MIXO Apps folder in your dropbox and or the MIXO folder in your Google Drive.

You can also delete local MIXO files before starting again by following the instructions re; 'Delete the MIXO folders' here:

Once ready, download v0.24 fresh here:

Then let us know if you still have the error and we'll look in to this for you.


Hey Andrei,

We created this guide to better help our users reset their MIXO accounts:

If this doesn't fix your issue then please do send in screenshots of what you're seeing so we can look in to this further.

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